Friday, May 16, 2008

Justice for Megan

Few things make me as happy right now as knowing that Lori Drew is going to stand trial for her part in Megan Meier's suicide. I don't know Lori, and I did not know Megan. I have been following the story closely since it was first reported. It horrifies me that an adult -- supposedly a grown, mature person -- went to such extremes to be mean to a child, especially a child with a known history of clinical depression. It horrifies me more that she has never taken responsibility for her actions.

One of Lori's former employees recently admitted she was part of the hoax and talked about it on a morning television show. This girl is now 19 years old. She took responsibility and showed remorse for her actions. If nothing else, she knows what she did was wrong.

The indictment yesterday made me feel as if there is now going to be some justice for Megan. Adults are NEVER supposed to be intentionally cruel to children -- and when they do, they need to be held responsible.

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