Saturday, May 24, 2008

Always Talking

The brunette twin is wearing me down. She is always talking. She chatters all the time. If she's awake, she is talking.

It's a combination of random comments and questions about how stuff works. She remembers every detail of every book, every activity, every show, every song. She can sing every word of every CD we own. She'll ask a dozen questions about something new until she figures it out.

She stores the information for future reference and links everything together whenever possible. Sometimes she does this while we are reading a book. She'll look at something and it will trigger a memory. She did this yesterday when we were reading a book. There was an unusual musical instrument in the book. She ran to the playroom to find a book called Zin Zin Violin. She opened the book to the page with the same instrument.

She does this while we're driving. It's not distracting enough that she's talking to her sister and asking me questions while I drive. She also has to pull things out of her memory, which means I have to think about my answer. We'll be driving along and she will say something about a building that looks like another building we saw while on vacation. Or she'll see a flower and it will remind her of a shirt someone wore one day. The scary thing for us is she's always right. Her memory is amazing.

It means we need to always pay attention because some where, some day, we'll need to remember some obscure detail. Her great memory will certainly help us improve our memories!

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