Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tooth Fairy Economics

Our girls haven't lost any teeth yet, but they have friends who have. It is a big topic of conversation -- and they are only in preschool!

We've been talking about how much the tooth fairy leaves per tooth. In our family, there are a variety of options. The tooth fairy leaves my one brother's children a silver dollar. My other brother's children receive $2 per tooth.

This article from CNN talks about how this topic is causing much anxiety among parents across the country. I was shocked to learn that the tooth fairy leaves some children as much as $20! For that much money, I have some teeth to donate.


Mississippi Songbird said...

lol... and I thought $5 was a
It's all in what you are teaching the kids though..Same way with allowances.Some kids get way too much..

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Julie K said...

Although I've pondered it from time to time (and believe I still have a year to two before needing to decide), I vacillate between giving a Sacagawea Gold Dollar coin or an old Silver Dollar coin (just junk-silver ones – not worth much, but they look so cool). Either of which, I would hope, would lead to an interest in coins (which I happen to like and which my father collected a little bit). I’ve never wanted the tooth fairy money to be just spending money, but rather for it to be something to commemorate the events of losing the baby teeth.... something special.

Nicki said...

I did an entry about that in my Children's Issues blog recently. Apparently there are children in this world who get as much as twenty bucks for a tooth! Can you believe that???????????