Sunday, March 2, 2008

Second Language

The girls are learning sign language at their preschool. I think it's pretty interesting to watch them practice the different letters, often arguing about the nuances of their hand formations. As I watched them do it this morning, it hit me. If they are going to learn sign language, then we need to learn it to.

Actually, if they are going to learn any second language -- sign or Spanish or French -- we need to learn it. Otherwise, by the time the are fluent, we won't have any idea what they are saying. The girls will be having entire conversations that we won't be able to understand.

When they were born the doctors warned us about twin talk where the girls would not speak "standard" English, but their own version of it. They never did that because they have always wanted to make themselves heard.

This is another story. We're encouraging them to learn a language we don't speak. Not the brightest parenting move, I'll admit. The only good news is they are still young enough that we can catch up.


Nicki said...

If you don't learn it, they'll be having lots of fun when they're teenagers! :) I'm trying to learn a little bit of sign language and teach it to my nieces.

Jennifer said...

I'm working on learning it myself, and it would have been much easier if I'd just been able to remember all that I learned as a four-year-old! Kids learn so much faster and easier than adults do!! Go ahead and learn it with ''ll be fun! :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Cool. Learn it with them.. Have a great evening!