Thursday, March 20, 2008

Principal's Office

Yesterday I met with the girls' new preschool principal. When we toured the school, the teacher leading the tour told us we could not keep the girls together. They would be separated, and there was no discussing it. She drew a long, deep line in the sand.

We were very unhappy about this. I started pulling together my support information. I had research studies on about separating twins in school. from a great web site called Twins Law. I surveyed area school districts. I asked their current preschool teacher to write a letter. I called their Kindermusik instructor, who had been an elementary school teacher. I pulled up the State of Illinois resolution about parental involvement in the placement of multiples. I was set with a two inch stack of supporting evidence. Frankly, I thought they should just do it because we asked. If that didn't work, though, I wanted to make sure I had outside research supporting our position.

When I arrived at the school, I handed all the registration information to the clerk. Almost immediately, I was called into the Principal's office. After we sat down, I told the principal about our tour, how happy our friend's were with the school, and what the teacher said about placing the girls together. I gave her the letter from their current teacher and asked if we could keep the girls together in preschool. Her reply? "Sure. We do it all the time."

I just sat there and stared for a second. She talked about how she couldn't understand why the teacher took such a hard-line stand. We spent the next ten minutes just chatting about our children and the school district. We had to do something to fill the time it took for the clerk to get the girls' registered.

So, in the end, all we had to do was ask. I'm still glad I had all the research to support our position, but I'm also very glad I didn't need to use it.

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Julie K said...

Just goes to show... don't ever take a no from someone who can't give you a yes.