Saturday, March 1, 2008

Morning Light

The girls wake up way too early -- at least for Mom & Dad. There is something really sweet, though, about how they greet each other. It's like they haven't seen each other for days. They hug and kiss and smile and giggle. It's one of those moments when I realize how strong their twin bond really is.

We raised them as two little girls who share a birthday. They call themselves "sisters," not "twins." At school they have their own friends and play with different children each day.

It's not often you see the twin bond emerge. When they are tired, they want to snuggle with each other. When they are hurt, they want to comfort each other. In the morning, they rejoice at seeing each other. It makes me a little jealous, but also brings great comfort knowing they have each other.

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Mississippi Songbird said...

That is so precious!.. I think you are doing a fine job, teaching them they are individuals and each one is special. So many times, I see twins dressed alike. I have a friend that is a twin, and she said she hated that, because she and her twin had different tastes in clothing.. I sort of understood, because she was really outgoing and spunky and her twin was more quiet, reserved and a Straight A student. She would get upset, when her parents expected straight A's like her twin..
You have the right idea.. The twins know they have a bond..They probably will always turn to each other.
It is very neat..Have a great weekend!