Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Spring Somewhere

Yesterday it was spring in Chicago. It was warm, sunny, and beautiful. Yesterday was just a tease, but what a glorious tease. We went outside and worked in the garden. The girls played on the playset all afternoon. It was so wonderful that we didn't want to come in the house.

We drove to one of our favorite parks for a long walk while the girls rode their bikes. It's fun to watch them develop. The brunette twin pedals like mad while she smiles. It's like a race for her. The blond twin pedals like she's on a leisurely Sunday drive. She has a satisfied look on her face because she is so proud of herself -- riding a bike by herself!

Today, it's winter again -- cold, grey, dreary. It's like the winter that will never end. We had snow last week and cold weather every day. This week is supposed to be filled with rain, rain, and more rain. At least we have yesterday to remind us that beautiful days are coming.


Heather at Freebies 4 Mom said...

Sorry to hear that Spring has not quite committed to the Chicago area. But thought you'd like to know that those in Houston envy your cooler weather because this morning we woke-up to a cloudy day, and the A/C humming along. Yes, it's officially summer in Houston - and destined to keep getting hotter!

Nicki said...

I know, right? Yesterday I was supposed to take the girls to their playgroup, which was going to be in a park, and I was so excited that we'd get to spend the day outside because the playgroup leader said it was going to be 60 degrees! But it rained all day and we had to have our playgroup in Stratford Square Mall... where the girls and I have practically been LIVING for the past few weeks! I'm afraid I'm turning them into mall rats!