Sunday, March 16, 2008

House Party

One of the great things about living in Chicago is the variety of inexpensive entertainment options for adults and children. Today we took advantage of a children's concert at the Harris Theater.

Dan Zane is a Grammy award winning musician who currently fronts a tremendously popular children's music band. His show was filled with songs that had lyrics children love, with music adults love. This wasn't the Itsy Bitsy Spider show. He had a full band -- drums, bass, trumpet, saxophone, guitars -- and some great guests. There was a tap dancer, beat box artist, and a full Mexican music group. All of them shared the stage at various times.

The songs included one about a circus, an anti-war anthem, an ethnic religious chant, and several Mexican folk tunes. A few of the children's songs would have fit nicely on several local radio stations. It was fun, engaging, and multi-cultural at the same time.

The girls love this stuff. The blond twin had to dress for the ocassion. Today she wore her green Christmas dress, navy blue tights with polka dots, and red shoes. She carried a pink purse to top it off. The brunette twin sat in the show staring at the stage. Sometimes I thought she had stopped breathing becuase she sat so still. She took in everything that happened on the stage. We've been discussing all the details since we returned home

We had fun. It was quite the show. Perhaps the best part was the audience was made up of lots of parents from different eras, but most of them were close to our age. For once I didn't feel like the oldest mom in the place!

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Mississippi Songbird said...

Sounds like you are having fun.God Bless you and have a wonderful Easter Week..