Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Water

When we were children, the Lenten season was about giving up something. It was supposed to make us stronger and more reflective. Now, I try to do something good during Lent to make it more about helping others.

There is a wonderful new project underway to provide clean water to those around the world. We take it for granted in this country that the water that comes out of our taps will be clean enough to drink. Maybe it's not perfect, but we rarely worry about water-borne diseases. According to a recent Chicago Sun Times article by Colleen Falsani every 15 seconds, a child dies from water-related diseases. Patients suffering from water-related diseases occupy half the hospital beds in the developing world. The scary numbers go on and on.

The good news is there is a new UNICEF project underway to help bring clean water to places where it scarce. The Tap Project asks restaurant patrons to donate a dollar or more when paying the bill.

We did this last Sunday. We happened to be having lunch when I saw the note included with the check. We didn't know much about it then, but it seemed like a good idea. We added a couple of dollars to the check total and went on our way. It was a painless way to make someone else's life better.

With this being Good Friday, take a minute to do something good for someone else. It's the least those of us lucky enough to be able to afford to eat out in restaurants can do.


Mississippi Songbird said...

That is so true.. The best feelings are when you can help someone else out.. God Bless you and Have a Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Julie K said...

I've also heard about this project (and saw a print ad recently)... the idea is for patrons ask for tap water at a restaurant in place of bottled water and put the cost of the bottled water on the bill (but just adding onto the bill works as well). Of course, we don't go out to eat often and I have an issue at any time with buying water when our tap water in the US is so good. For those like me, though, we can donate directly to the project from the Tap Project website link Shari provided (or