Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fire Safety

We're a bit behind, so we just changed our smoke detector batteries today. Yes, I know we are suppose we change the clocks, but we didn't. My husband checks them regularly, so we know the batteries still work. This alarming video, though, tells me that smoke detectors might not be so helpful.


I have always said that if there is ever an emergency, the blond twin and I will have to wake the brunette twin and my husband. Those two could sleep through anything. It's really unnerving, though, to see the children in the video sleeping through the fire alarms.

The girls regularly have fire drills at their preschool, so I know they know what to do in case of the fire alarm goes off. We also talk about it at home. The video is a good reminder that smoke detectors are just a tool to help keep us safe. In the end, no amount of practice helps if you sleep through the screeching smoke detector.

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franklyn field said...

Yes. They have fire drills at school but do you ever have a fire drill at home? Can the children get out on their own. Can they open the windows to escape ?
Fire happen mostly at home and not school.