Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rose Bowl Ramblings

We had a great time at the Rose Bowl. Yes, our team was thumped, but the game is only part of the experience. Here are some ramblings about the Rose Bowl:

*The parade floats are even prettier and more amazing in person.
*The parade route security did an amazing job.
*People sleep on the streets the night before the parade. The local businesses board up the windows to prevent looting.
*The event staff needs a better grip on the area. Three staff people told me they couldn't tell us how to walk from the stadium to the parade. One told me "This is not my normal post."
*The parking staff was amazing. They filed those cars in with precision.
*The tailgating parties were a blast. Even though we just walked through them, it was great fun.
*There is so much going on outside the stadium. The outside events contributed to the party atmosphere.
*The Navy Seals landing parachutes in the middle of the Rose Bowl was cool.
*The Navy planes that flew over as the National Anthem was ending were cool.
*There was a nice tribute to the armed forces. Several Coast Guard members sat in the first row, next to the game field.
*We sat a few rows behind the University of Southern California bench. I can honestly say it was shocking. The USC players were classless. They mocked everything Illinois did. When the band played our school song, the players mocked it. When the Illinois fans cheered, USC players cheered and hugged each other. When Illinois fans clapped, USC players clapped and jumped up and down. We didn't think we were going to win, but we were out to have fun. The showboating and mocking showed a complete lack of sportsmanship.
*After the game when we said, "Congratulations on the win" most fans were polite.
*It was fun. If you ever have a chance, go to the Rose Bowl!

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Anonymous said...

Now you know why we call USC the University of Spoiled Children.