Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preschool Engagement

Congratulations to the brunette twin! Today she received her first marriage proposal. She said yes. Of course, it's not a surprise that Gaven proposed to her. Since they first met in tumbling at 18 months old, they've been inseparable. Now that they are four years old, getting engaged is the natural progression in their relationship.

The funny part is, if they were in college or a bit older, we'd all expect an engagement. Gaven's Mom and I just laugh when our kids are together. They walk along holding hands, whispering secrets to each other, and consulting with each other before making decisions. When they arrive at school, they immediately sit next to each other.

When we signed our twins up for preschool, we read the handbook from cover to cover. (I know, first-timers.) One paragraph made me pause to pick up the phone and call Gaven's Mom. It said something about how children must keep their hands to themselves, not hugging or touching. We actually talked to the preschool director about the brunette twin and Gaven. While we don't want them hugging strangers, it seemed cruel to ask them not to hug each other. She thought we were crazy until she saw them together for a while.

Our blond twin is fine with all this. She sees Gaven as her buddy and she's not at all jealous of the attention her sister shows him. They are kind of like three peas in a pod, but the brunette twin is clearly the object of Gaven's affections.

So Gaven announcing to the preschool that he's going to marry the brunette twin, and her saying that she was going to marry him, didn't surprise anyone. We'll hold off on sending out invitations to the engagement party, though. At least until they get through preschool.


Mississippi Songbird said...

That's so cute..I bet you have such fun.. Enjoyed your blog.Have a great week.

Julie K said...

I had to laugh… I also had a fiancĂ©e at three. David and I were inseparable, but alas my family moved out of state when I was 5. When I learned to write, I wrote to his older sister as a pen-pal for over 20 years and reconnected the friendships when I moved back to area as an adult. David, the youngest of 6 who married his high school sweetheart, took a good-bit of ribbing from all his siblings when I was coming to have dinner with the whole family when I first moved back. His wife was rather taken aback by the teasing since she’d never even heard my name in the 15+ years she’d known him (or known he had had a toddler-first love).