Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lost and Found

The girls take ice skating lessons at a local ice rink. As we walked in today, the sign on the door read, "LOST AND FOUND ITEMS ARE ON THE TABLE. ANYTHING NOT CLAIMED BY FRIDAY WILL BE DONATED." Of course, I walked over to the table to see what kind of things people lost at an ice rink.

There were lots of single gloves and mittens, hats, scarves, and socks. Here's what I don't understand. When your child comes home missing a glove, most of us say, "oh well." When your child comes home without his/her coat, skates, or pants, don't you try to figure out where they went?

Seriously, they had heavy, expensive, name-brand winter coats, skates of all sizes and styles, and several pair of ski pants and jeans. There was even a jock strap or two, but I doubt anyone is going to claim those!

If one of our girls shows up one day without a coat, I'm marching her right back out to find it. I'm sure there will also be the requisite "money doesn't grow on trees" lecture. It's kind of a right of passage, isn't it?

Somehow, lots of kids went home without expensive coats and skate and no one noticed. It was kind of sad really. How little attention do you pay to your child that you never notice he/she no longer has a winter coat? Of course, maybe those families have so many winter coats that they don't notice one is missing. In that case, how do I get on that Christmas gift list?


sugarpharm said...

I also find that surprising. A mitt or scarf, sure, but winter jackets left behind?

Mississippi Songbird said...

It is amazing the things that kids leave behind.. Yes, If my child came home without their coat, That's one of the first things I notice..

I hope your New Year is going good.. Enjoyed the post...Have a great rest of the weekend..

Anonymous said...

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