Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boys Rule

In our house, boys are everywhere. It's not what you'd expect in a house filled with twin girls, but my husband made sure he would have some company -- even if that company is plastic and wears pink.

Many years ago, when the first doll came into the house, the girls were trying to think of a name. Daddy said, "Name her Bruce." Bruce was joined by Gavin, Billy Bob, Jack, and Josh. All the girls' dolls have boy names. Our house is filled with boys wearing pretty frocks and carrying pink purses.

It gets a bit dicey when we're out and someone says "What's your baby's name." The girls answer proudly, "Billy Bob." The person asking the question always stares at us. We tend to say something like, "Her sister is Bruce."

It's a family joke now. Every toy has a boy's name, except one. The girls have a toy horse they named "Clarisse" after Rudolph's girlfriend in the classic Christmas cartoon. I don't know how she ended up with a girl's name.

The best part is the girls think nothing of having their boys play with everyone elses dolls with girl names. They proudly carry Bruce and Josh and Gavin everywhere!

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