Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Talk

Driving home from preschool, the brunette twin announced, "Mom, if me and Gaven are getting married, we'll need babies. Where do you get a baby?"

Sure, that's a conversation I want to have in a mini-van cruising along at 40 miles an hour in the snow. I hesitated because I don't want to give the "Mommy's tummy" speech. We have too many friends with adopted children to perpetuate that myth.

"Well, babies come from a women's tummy."

The blond twin said, "Do you mean you swallow them or something?"

"No honey. A man and a woman both have parts that come together to make a baby. Babies start off really, really small. Remember when we were at the beach and we looked at sand? Babies start off even smaller than that. They grow in a woman's tummy until they are born."

Now I'm thinking I'm pretty smart because I avoid all the details, yet it sounded like an answer. A minute later, the brunette twins said, ""How does a baby get out?"

Great. Another part of a conversation I didn't want to have with a four-year-old -- especially not while driving.

"Babies come from a place near your tummy."

The blond twin changed the subject to what the two of them were going to do after lunch.

I never loved that girl more.

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Carla said...

I don't have kids yet, but I love hearing about how parents discuss those delicate topics with their kids. It makes me smile. Thanks.