Sunday, January 27, 2008

Animal Rescue Clicks

We all know how powerful the Internet can be when it's used for a good cause. Here's another one to add to your favorites.

The Animal Rescue Site

Just like the breast cancer site or the feed the children site, you simply click on the site to do a good deed. The sponsors pay for food and care for rescued animals. How simple is that?

Do your good deed today and add this site to your favorites or add it to your blog.


Mississippi Songbird said...

That's great.. I'll add it too.. Have a great weekend!

Julie K said...

I've added it right next to my link where I try to click daily for free mammograms. Having three dogs (two from animal shelters) - I love this new link. Most shelters also need old towels and blankets too (so please don't throw them away - recycle at a shelter near you)!

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