Friday, December 7, 2007

Terra Cycle Sign-Up

It's not surprising that our girls are obsessed with recycling. They attend a nature-based preschool and taking care of the earth is an ongoing topic. It's not a deep, heavy conversation, but something woven into every day lessons. And, it's a lesson they take to heart. Every time I move towards the garbage can, they want to see if it's really garbage or if I should be recycling it.

There's a cool web site -- Terra Cycle -- that helps our twin girls understand what happens to the stuff they recycle. Terra Cycle takes plastic bottles and yogurt containers and turns them into stuff you can buy to improve your gardens, increase your composting, or feed the birds. It's a fun concept that puts the ambiguous "recycling" concept into action.

You can sign up to be part of the "brigade" or just visit for information. Either way helps kids understand how recycling really works.

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