Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lists for Santa

Here's one definite advantage of having twins as our "only" children. They don't have older role models to teach them everything. Yes, they do learn stuff from their cousins, the neighbors and the kids in school. They don't have an in-house source to teach them things, though.

I realized this when we saw Santa this weekend. The friend we went with has older siblings. He had a LIST for Santa. It was funny to listen to him. Our girls went up and when Santa said, "What do you want?" The blond twin said she wanted a pink dress. The brunette twin said she wanted a purple dress. That was it!! It never occurred to them to make a long list. One girl asked for one thing and her sister followed. Talk about an easy task for Santa!

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Julie K said...

Sounds like my son. I gave him the Toys R Us catalog to practice cutting with scissors a while back, and soon discovered he was cutting out things he wanted (so I glued them on a couple of pieces of paper - about 6 items per page). When preparing to see Santa, he asked for his lists. I reminded him of the book we've been reading (The Berenstain Bears meet Santa Bear), and how he shouldn't be greedy but just think about a couple of things that he really wants (like Sister Bear who pared down her original long list after getting the same guidance from her older brother bear). When sitting on Santa's lap, my son asked for the toy he most wants. When asked what else he'd like, he said "nothing else" (I had to laugh - I know the other 11 things on that list - though he'll only get 3 in the end).