Monday, December 10, 2007

Homework from Santa

Recently the girls and a friend visited with Santa. When their friend asked Santa what kind of cookies he liked, Santa replied, "Please leave me two chocolate chip cookies and half a glass of milk. And, I need one apple cut into eight pieces for the reindeer."

Oh great, I thought. I have homework from Santa. Now on Christmas Eve we need to leave cookies, milk, AND an apple. Now the girls debate whether they each need to leave two cookies, milk, and a cut-up apple or if they can share. I try to tell them they can leave just two cookies. They think they each need to leave two cookies. And, the apple is a big concern. Red, yellow or green? What kind of apples do reindeer eat?

They are only four years old once, so we'll enjoy it while we can. We still don't know what kind of apples reindeer eat, though.


Kelleigh said...

Oh that is so cute! Maybe Rudolph would like a red apple to match his nose?

Michelle Hix said...

But the only way to get an "A" on your homework is to remember to get up in the middle of the night, take bites out of everything leaving lots of crumbs on the plate, throw some apple bits on the front porch and pour all but one sip of milk down the drain...