Monday, November 19, 2007

Super Why!

I adore the new PBS show Super Why! The girls lead a pretty tv-free existence, but once in a while I let them watch a show. We stumbled upon Super Why! and now we're hooked.

The show helps kids with reading readiness. The animated characters talk to the viewers the same way my husband and I talk to the girls when we're reading. They spell out words phonetically. You know how it goes. What letter makes this sound? Which vowel makes this sound? Once the word is completed, they sound it out.

The girls are captivated. They love watching show. They practice their letters and sounds all the time anyway. They both really want to read. Some days I'lll find them looking at a book trying to find words they know. It's twin team effort with them, of course.

Super Why! lessons are smart and practical. What's not to love?

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Julie K said...

Super Why! is a favorite right now in our house, too! Our other passion is PBS Kid's "Word World" (say that 5 times fast). The animal characters are made up of the letters that make up their name (Dog, Pig, Sheep, Frog, Bear, etc) as are the things in Word World (good for sight recognition). They stop to 'build a word' for whatever they may need - the music is good too. Worth a look!