Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snow Miser

I was duped into buy our first Christmas decoration yesterday. We were at the store buying gym shoes -- or so I thought. I went off to look at some other items. My husband took the girls in another direction to keep them busy for a few minutes. The store was stocked with Christmas decorations and toys already, so keeping them busy wasn't going to be a problem. The plan was my husband and the girls would meet me at the checkout line.

As I stood waiting, I heard the girls giggling. The brunette twin carried an animated, light-up snowman. When she pushed the button, he sang the Snow Miser song from one of the Christmas specials. "I'm Mister White Christmas. I'm Mister Snow." My husband said, "she really wants it. Should we get it?"

Now, my choices were both bad. Either I was the bad guy who said no and ripped the snowman out of her hands, or we bought the thing. I'm pretty sure it was a conspiracy cooked up between Daddy and his twins. Let's just say I cannot wait for the batteries to run out. I'm already tired of the song.


Mississippi Songbird said...

lol..oh no...

well, I've already started Christmas, only because I can't afford to buy everyones at once..
Hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving..

Julie K said...

My husband and son's Christmas decoration conspiracy predates your experience by about a week. My husband took my son to get his hair cut and they were going to stop by Home Depot… no worries, right? Wrong. We now have a musical snow globe with Disney characters that sing and move around. You're in good company. Happy Holidays!