Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rhyme Time

The girls like to rhyme words. Mostly what comes out is nonsensical. You know the game. Phone rhymes with bone and moan and tone and wone. Of course, wone isn't really a word, but it sounds funny. The more outrageous the rhyme, the more they laugh. Ocassionally there's a naughty word, but I let it pass.

Yesterday the blond twin crossed a new threshold. Kitchen rhymes with b-tch-n and litchen and mitchen, she said sweetly. She's never heard the b-word from us, so she did not know it's a bad word. I let it pass. The girls both laughed, a lot. So, of course, the blond twin said it again and again and again.

Now I had to say something. I knew they rhymed at school with friends. I really didn't want her to repeat the entire rhyme at school. I took a deep breath and explained that the b-word was a bad word and she shouldn't say it again. She broke into tears. "I'm sorry Mommy," she said. "I did not mean to say a bad word." It was both funny and sad.

When Daddy came home, I forgot to tell him. At dinner, the blond twin said, "Daddy, I said something really bad today." And then she looked at me. I told Daddy. He laughed so hard his face turned red. He told her not to say the word again. Then he laughed some more.

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