Saturday, November 3, 2007

Panic Driving

The scene: Mom and twin four-year-old girls driving to see Aunt Linda in Wicker Park.
The place: Chicago, specifically Damen Avenue near the United Center.

The blond twin: "Mom, my tummy hurts."
Mom: "Do you have to go potty?"


"Okay, we'll be at Aunt Linda's in a couple of minutes."

Girls start singing a Wiggles song.

"Mom, my tummy really hurts."
"Are you sure you don't have to go potty?" Mom's praying the answer is no. There is no where to pull over and use a bathroom. The neighborhood isn't even one she'd stop in and pull out the travel potty.

"Are you going to puke?"

More panic. Mom grabs a plastic shopping bag and hands it to the blond twin -- tells her to puke in the bag if necessary. Mom holds her breath. Blond twin starts to gag. More strange sounds come from the back of the mini-van. Everyone laughs.

"Honey, that was the biggest burp I've ever heard."

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Melinda Zook said...

cute...I know that feeling though. You just wish you could get them to make it a little bit farther before...whatever happens happens. My son had to "go" when we were driving once and I am sure I was going 80 mph just trying to get home...I kept thinking, just wait 1 more minute...