Sunday, November 11, 2007

Orange Crush

I am still surprised none of our neighbors called the police on us yesterday afternoon. I had some windows open to air out the house. I was baking an apple pie and some of the juice dripped on to the oven bottom. Smoke was everywhere!

Just as I opened the windows to keep the smoke detectors from going off, the University of Illinois football team beat Ohio State University. Yes, our football team beat the number one ranked collegiate football team in the country -- AT OHIO STATE. We beat them on their home field!

Immediately after the game, we all started cheering "Go, Go Illinois." It was so loud I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood heard us. Actually, everyone for a few blocks probably heard us.

I understand most people probably are not that excited about the game. For Illinois alums, though, it was HUGE. So far this season we've won more football games that we did in the previous few seasons combined. We're probably going to a bowl game. It's all good fun.

After we stopped cheering, the girls started singing the Alma Mater. I think we have two future Orange Crush members in our family.

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Anonymous said...

We're ranked this week! I-L-L-I-N-I!