Friday, November 30, 2007

Nutcracker Ballet

Every Christmas since the girls were born I've watched ads for the Nutcracker and said, "When they get old enough, we're going." Well, this was the year we went. The girls wore their beautiful dresses. Gramma and I chaperoned. It was every little girls' fantasy -- beautiful costumes, graceful dancers, wonderful music. It was just as perfect as I had hoped.

The best part was it was also family-friendly because our regional ballet company, the Salt Creek Ballet, performed at a local high school. The crowd was as upscale as any you might see at the downtown Chicago performance, but with less attitude and more patience. The audience was filled with little girls and their families. Childish whispers filled with delight were scattered throughout the performance as the children asked their parents questions. The parents quickly "shushed" the children, but no one stared. The crowd seemed to understand that these children were so excited they couldn't control themselves.

The dance company performs at local community colleges, four-year colleges, and large high schools. It was our first performance. It was so enjoyable that we are planning to see the Spring show. Even without the downtown prices and attitude, it was a wonderful afternoon. We'll be back again next year.

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Michelle Hix said...

I think the same thing every year...but with my youngest being only 6 this year (my oldest is 11), I'm almost afraid to spend the huge amount at the box office for fear that my younger one will just fall asleep. I wish we had a smaller showing of it. Maybe I should just take my older daughter and call it a big girl's night out. I absolutely love the nutcracker!