Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Love You More

The sweetest book arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I Love You More is a flip-side book, so you read one side, end in the middle, flip the book over, and read the new story. Both stories have the same happy ending.

Recently our brunette twin started saying, "I love you more than ...." She loves to come up with new comparisons. I thought she'd love the comparisons in the book, and she does enjoy them. What she really loves, though, are the beautiful pictures. She laughs so hard while looking at the book. She always says, "Look Mom, the fish is wearing goggles."

With twins, it can be hard to keep them interested in the same thing. The girls have unique interests, but I Love You More captivates both of them. I'm sure we'll look for other books written by Laura Duksta and/or illustrated by Karen Keesler. Reading I Love You More has created a new family of fans.


Anonymous said...

It's not got parenting advice, but you might enjoy this sorta cute, funny video about the life of twins:

Enjoy the unique life you have ahead!

Laura Duksta said...

We're glad you and your twins are enjoying our book! When we share during school programs I always point out how Karen really uses her imagination when she draws...because I don't know too many caterpillars that wear sneakers , octopus' who wear pink lipstick or fish who wear goggles :-) Have a bright and blessed holiday season!
Love and Gratitude...
Laura Duksta
Author, I Love You More