Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Different Partners

I've noticed that the girls' teachers assumed they wanted to be partners because they were twins. This happened in several classes. The teacher started to put the class into pairs and announced "Okay, you two are partners." The first few times it happened, the girls just went with it. Lately, though, they have asserted their independence. It first happened a few weeks ago in music class when Miss Joan tried to partner them. The blond twin said, "I don't want to be her partner." Miss Joan stopped and stared at the brunette twin. Instead of protesting, the brunette twin said, "I'm her sissy. I don't want to be her partner. I want to play with someone else." It was as if they had discussed it.

Ever since that class, the girls have separated a bit more. They always talk about which kids were their partners at preschool. They love telling stories about what their partners did during different activities. What I love about it is they decided themselves to separate. We always say we don't have twins, but two daughters who share a birthday. Even though their twin bond is completely unbreakable, they understand that some times they should play with other kids.