Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alphabet Show and Tell

The girls have show and tell at their preschool. They bring an item each week and tell a little story about it. It's not new, I know. All the preschools do it. The twist here is everything has to be farm or nature related. And, of course, we need two items for each letter. It's the twin thing, of course.

Some letters are easy. A is for avocado and artichoke. (This is an avocado. We use it to make guacamole. This is an artichoke. It grows on a farm.) E is for evergreen tree branch and a toy elephant. (This is an evergreen tree branch. Most people call it a Christmas tree. This is a toy elephant one of Daddy's friends brought back from India.)

Some letters are giving me fits. Since I'm not proud, I am publicly asking for help with some letters. Here's the list:


I will gratefully accept any suggestions about what the girls can bring to school for those letters. A few things to keep in mind, please. First, I must be able to obtain the items easily. Second, the girls have to be able to put the items in their backpacks. Finally, everything has to be farm or nature related. It's a wide open field, so please help! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Trisha said...

Ok, off the top of my head, for N you could do nuts and talk about how squirrels and other animals eat them for their meals. Also, if you happen to be able to find one or know someone who has one (I had a couple when I was younger), a nest would also work.

Can you take pictures of the things in? Or does it have to be physical? If you can take pictures in, hive for "h" would be one. Whay about hay? That's found on a farm...

V could be vegetables. So, I guess take in a bunch of veggies and use that.

I would say Ice for "I" but that's not really something they can take in. Again, a picture of ice would work, if they can take pictures in.

I think X will be the one where you will have the most trouble. If they don't have to take the physical item in, and can take a picture of that item in, that would make it easier to find things to take in.

Julie K said...

Heck, I’m impressed with Trisha’s top o’ the head answers. Here are mine...

What comes from a hive? HONEY!

I Insects, Ivy, Imaginary friend (ok, that one’s a stretch for ‘nature-based).

O Okra, Olives, Onions Orangutan (if you've got a stuffed animal)

I’ll keep pondering U and X

Anonymous said...

So, I maybe a bit late, but my son had "o" this week. First he wanted to bring the letter O from the alphabet puzzle. Today, we found an Orange Truck to take in. Still working on rest of the alphabet and what to take.

Anonymous said...

U - Umbrella - and you can talk about the weather.
X - Contact your local hospital and see if they can give you a copy of an X-Ray or get a picture off the internet. Even a dentist might be able to help you out with an Xray of your child's teeth!
I - get a pic of an Igloo or Icicle? A toy Iguana?