Monday, October 15, 2007

Twice the Love

"Welcome to the twin zone." It's how I describe our house. There's no doubt the girls rule our house. They have toys EVERYWHERE -- at least during the day. We do make them put everything away before they go to bed. A few rooms could pass for grown-up space after the girls are in bed. The rest of the house, though, has stuff in toy boxes, baskets, closets, etc. We always say they are twice the work and twice the love.

A book I just finished reading puts "Twice the Love" into perspective. It's a compilation of twins stories edited by Susan M. Heim. What I enjoyed most about the book is that so many stories were written by fathers. The male perspective on fathering twins isn't something you read enough, but it is quite enjoyable.

Three stories really made me laugh. "The List" compares a pre-twins world to post-twins reality. "A Father's Play-By-Play of Childbirth" gives his view of childbirth. "Partners in Crime" describes how twins conspire every day.

I think "Twice the Love" is the kind of book you read, put away, and read again in a few years. The stories will continue to have new meaning as your twins grow older.

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