Friday, October 26, 2007

Shopping Observation

I saw the cutest baby at Target yesterday. His Mom had him in a front baby carrier. He was happily waving his arms and babbling. His Mom was talking to him. I thought "that looks so cute. Why didn't I carry the girls like that?" Then it hit me. Duh! We have twins. What was I going to do put one on my front and one on my back?

For the first six months, I never left the house by myself with the girls. It was too hard to manage two baby carriers, a diaper bag, etc. In the winter, it was hard enough to carry one in the snow and ice. What was I going to do? Leave one in the car while I carried the other into the doctor's office? Then come back for the second child, leaving the first alone with strangers? Even when I went to visit my parents, I'd call them when we were about two blocks away so someone could come out and help move the girls.

If you think about it, stores are not set up for twin parents. Most shopping carts are designed for one child. Costco does have two-child carts, so they win the prize for forward-thinking. Even if you don't have twins, but perhaps two children close in age, you need a cart where you can put two children. With the growing number of multiples, you'd think more stores would make it easy for parents to shop with more than one child.

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