Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Radio Reports

We always listen to music during the day. We listen to several different local stations depending upon our reception. We're just miles from Chicago, but some days are better for some stations than for others.

For the past few days, though, I've been listening to compact discs only. The news about the San Diego fires is so overwhelming our disc jockeys update listeners constantly. And, of course, the devastation is such that it's important to keep people updated. The problem is our four-year-old twins are quite precocious and actually process what is being said. After one station talked about making sure your family had a fire escape plan, the brunette twin asked me about our fire escape plan.

It's always a good thing to talk about, but I was washing dishes and didn't really listen to what the disc jockey said. (Also, I was kind of hoping their father would be home for these conversations.) Of course, my concern is the radio reports will scare the girls. My hope, though, is that we'll soon be able to turn on the radio again because the fires are over. However scared our girls might feel must be nothing compared to how scared all the people, especially children, really affected by the fire must be feeling.

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Julie K said...

October is Fire Safety Month so maybe that's why the radio station was talking about escape plans/disaster planning. We are just preparing to sit down and talk about escape plans with our 4 year old so that he's got an idea of what to do (and knows what the smoke detectors sound like). Too many children get scared and hide (often in a closet)... we want to make sure he knows to stay low and get out. One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to work on disaster planning. We now have our stay-at-home checklist & supplies and our Grab & Go checklist and supplies. We haven't timed it, but I don't think it would take much more than 10-15 minutes to get the things we need, things that matter and important papers. We just have to collect the things on our pre-thought-out checklist vs trying to think in a panic. The Red Cross website has great reference materials to help. I hope we never have to put our plans in action, but we know disaster can strike anyone and anywhere. On the San Diego front, my brother and his family had to evacuate their home for a couple of days and are just back home tonight. No damage/loss... luckily.