Saturday, October 27, 2007

Preschool Vegetarian

Overheard at our house...

"Mom, are we having a turkey for Thanksgiving?"
"Like Timmy the Turkey at school?"


"Mom do they kill the turkey before we eat it?"
"So they have to cut off his head and pluck his feathers?"
"Pretty much."
"That's disgusting. I'm never eating turkey."
"That's fine honey."

This from a butcher's granddaughter....

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Julie K said...

I, myself, am the granddaughter of a butcher, but my grandfather didn't pass a great deal of 'butcher' knowledge to his girls and I'm sad to say he passed away when I was a toddler. Just the same, I got my first physiology lessons from my Mom (a PhD in Physiology) gleaned from that bag in the turkey’s cavity (yes, store bought turkey and we don’t make giblet gravy in our family)… the heart cut open to show the functions of the valves, and the liver sliced to show the structure/consistency with a discussion on how each of these organs works (in humans as well). Lessons I’ll repeat with my son. As for me, I have just received two frozen wild pheasant’s from my brother the hunter (heads attached so you know what they are) that I’ll need to decapitate before cooking. Disgusting perhaps, but yummy.