Saturday, October 13, 2007

Preschool Support

One of the more frustrating things about having twins is everyone knows what is right for your children. It is especially bad when it comes to schools. "Separate them so the dominant one doesn't stunt her sister's academic progress" was common among people who don't realize they are both dominant. "The school will not be able to keep them straight" was one I didn't bother to respond to. They hardly look like twins; it's more likely the school staff will not realize they are twins.

When we started looking at preschools, I was amazed at what other parents were doing. Clocking the amount of math four-year-olds did? Dismissing playtime as wasted academic time? Yikes! Actually, we didn't really look at many preschools. I researched a couple and fell in love with one. I realize it's not wise to fall in love with a school as the admissions process can break your heart. In the Chicago suburbs, where we live, preschool admissions can be a competitive sport.

I wanted the girls to attend their current preschool from the moment I heard about it. It is a nature-based preschool on a children's farm. I mean a real, working farm with cows, horses, chickens, pigs, donkeys, and sheep, with crops and forests. The children spend part of each day outside incorporating nature into their lessons. It's amazing.

The day registration opened, we arrived at 9:00 a.m. We were number 3! I was feeling pretty cocky then. Of course we'd get in, we were number 3! What I didn't know is that all the families currently enrolled in the school were able to advance register for the next school year. This meant that we filled the last two slots in the program we wanted. The next few people in line were not able to get into their first choice. Whew!

I read an interesting post from the Artful Flower (There's no On-Star for the Olympic Mommy Highway) about her experiences finding the right preschool for her kids. I have to say that I completely agree with her philosophy on preschool. And, I have heard many of the same questions she answered. If you are looking for a preschool, keep her words in mind. There are other parents out there who believe you actually know what is best for your child.


Tinkleberry said...

ryc: hehehehe yah that would definitely make a parent nervous if the techs were wishy washy. I won't get to find out the genders of the twins yet till another maybe 6 weeks. I can't wait!

Julie Pippert said...

Oh wow a farm cool is THAT!

And thanks for the compliment. :)

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