Saturday, October 6, 2007

Name Game

We were standing at the pharmacy waiting for a consultation when the girls drifted a little too far away from me. I called them a couple of times, but they were laughing so hard they didn't hear me -- or chose to ignore me. I sternly said, "Katie and Maggie, get over here." They came quickly. The pharmacist said, "Katie and Maggie?"

Those aren't their names, but they could have been Katie and Maggie. Or Lauren and Lindsey. Or Claire and Grace. When we discovered we were having twins, we started working on names. It's hard enough with one, but with two, it becomes a nightmare. We needed two first names and two middle names, in the right combination. Reams and reams of paper were destroyed trying to work out the right names and combinations.

One day, a niece handed us a list of names she'd like for her cousins. One of those names fit nicely with another name we really like. Now we had a match. We didn't immediately chose that name combination, though. We still debated for a few more weeks.

We are happy with the names we put on the girls' birth certificates. Yet, every once in a while I wonder if their personalities would have been different if they really were Katie and Maggie.

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