Friday, October 19, 2007

Missing in Action

Several things are missing in our house right now, but only one causes great angst with the girls. For Christmas last year, we bought the girls oil cloth aprons with their names embroidered at the top. They wear these aprons to play, paint, and bake. Somehow, the brunette twin's apron is missing. It's driving me crazy. I look for it every day.

Whenever we bake cookies, the girls wear their aprons. Of course, since the brunette twin's apron is missing, baking nearly causes tears these days. Oh, the injustice of it all! We call the blond twin the drama queen, but when it comes to the apron, the brunette twin does a pretty good job of it.

It's not like our house is that big. You'd think that after cleaning out closets and toy bins this thing would reappear. To date, though, no luck. It is still missing in action.

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Anonymous said...

Please look for my son's purple hat too. He thinks it makes him look like Barney. It's been missing for about a month.