Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It Gets Better

Whenever I see parents with newborn or toddler twins, I always stop to talk to them. I always say, "it gets better." Even though I'm a complete stranger, they want to talk. They always want to know when it gets better. When you're in the midst of caring for infant/toddler twins, it's a never-ending cycle of feedings, diaper changes, naps, activities, etc. Just getting them packed and dressed to get out of the house in the winter used to take me an hour. Now I can say with confidence that by the time twins are three-years-old, it gets significantly better.

What changes then? The kids are more independent. They can walk by themselves, feed themselves, and play together. These three things make a twin parent's life so much easier. For the first two years, I always had a baby in my arms. It seemed like carried a girl all the time. I thought my back would ache forever -- even with regular yoga. When they start to walk, you end up with one child holding each hand. You move a lot slower, but it's okay.

For the first three years, I dressed them every day. Then, one day, they started dressing themselves. Yes, it took a lot longer for them to do it themselves than it did for me to do it, but in the end they did get dressed. Of course, I wouldn't have put some of those combinations together, but it made them happy so we went with it. Only a toddler/preschooler can wear yellow, orange, pink and purple -- and be told it's a beautiful outfit.

Sometime after their third birthday, they not only played independently, they wanted some privacy! You'd think the first time they told me to leave them alone in their bedroom I would have been hurt. No way! I practically did a dance down the stairs. I always say that the girls receive many, beautiful gifts for their birthdays and Christmas, but my favorite is the doll house Aunt Sue picked out. With the doll house, they want to play alone. I'm not even invited to play with them. And, they will play for an hour or so. At first I would check on them, but now I just listen to for what is going on.

So, even though it seems like it will never happen, it does get better. One day you'll even start getting regular sleep -- that, however, doesn't really happen until after they are potty trained.

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