Saturday, October 20, 2007

Basic Math

There's a basic math problem inherent to being a SAHM of twins. There are two of them and one of me. This is a nightmare for Mommy & Me classes. These classes are designed for parents to interact with a child. The girls and I took a couple of these classes when they were smaller. Some were a nightmare. I finally had to bring it to the tumbling instructor's attention that I needed help. Her reply, "We're supposed to teach you how to do it. We're not supposed to do it for you." A call to her supervisor adjusted the instructor's attitude. Our Kindermusik class is great because the instructor understands that I need help without making me feel incompetent. She realizes I cannot hold and dance with two children simultaneously.

Now I'm searching for an ice skating class. There a class at a local rink that is perfect. The time is great. The cost is great. The problem is it's a "teacher guided" class -- AKA Mommy & Me. They guide us along as I teach the girls how to skate. Right. I'm going to get on the ice with two four-year-olds who are unsteady on their feet. Now, I can skate well. They cannot. Picture yourself with two preschoolers yanking your arms out as they try not to fall. I think you'll understand why I'm still looking for an ice skating class.

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