Monday, September 3, 2007

Twin Talk

Before you leave the hospital with your two bundles of joy, the staff sits down and discusses all the things you need to watch for as your twins develop. Turns out twins, just because they are twins, are prone to all kinds of scary things because there were two of them in the same womb. Our girls were 37.5 weeks along and more than 6 lbs. each, so a lot of the developmental delays did not apply as they might have if the girls were smaller. The thing that scared me most was the idea of twin talk.

The nurse said it was very common for twins to develop their own language. She said it might continue for years. Yikes! Luckily, that did not happen to us. Both girls spoke clearly from an early age. They had things to say and they wanted to make sure we understood.

Until now. We live in a suburb with a large Eastern European population. Many neighbors speak Polish and English. The girls play with a friend who speaks Polish at home. Now, the girls think they speak Polish too. It's pretty funny, because they seem to have entire conversations in "Polish." I always think it is cute for the first 15 minutes or so. About half an hour of them speaking "Polish" and I'm ready to crack. Next summer we want them to take Spanish classes. So, in their minds, they will be tri-lingual.


Anonymous said...

If you let them take Spanish classes, you need to learn the language too. Our teenagers all speak Spanish, but we don't. Stupid move on our part.

Anonymous said...

Jen thought and could in fact that she could speak Polish as well - this was from Jola. Nice Blog Shari. Linda