Sunday, September 23, 2007

Singing in the Store

A woman in the grocery store gave me the "look" the other day. It wasn't because I bumped her cart or anything hostile like that. I got the "you're crazy" look because we were singing in the store. The girls and I have a long history of singing in stores. It started when they were little. If they became restless, a song would always buy me enough time to get through the check-out line. Now, you have to realize I cannot sing. I mean, I'm okay, but no one is offering a record contract.

In addition, we don't just sing typical kids songs. We sing Motown songs. When they were babies, I realized quickly that the girls like to hear songs. A song could stop them from crying within seconds. I also realized I didn't really know any baby songs. I do know the full Motown catalogue, though. When asked nicely, the girls can sing "Can Help Falling In Love With You," from start to finish. (Or course, they call it "Wise." Can't figure out why? Sing the song.) They can also belt out "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" and "Goodnight Sweetheart." We adapted some songs to use their names. One of our favorites is The Four Seasons song "Sherry." Listen, when your name is Shari, you either learn to love the song or you'll go crazy. Everyone thinks it's soooooo original to sing that song to me.

We have no shame. We'll sing songs whenever, wherever. As soon as Christmas songs start invading every store, we're in heaven. So many silly songs to sing! So many funny voices and dramatic hand gestures!

Sometimes, when the mood is right, strangers actually laugh at us. We're okay with that. It's always better than the "look."

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Julie K said...

We are also a singing family, but not so much in stores. We restrict our singing to the car, around the house and always at bedtime. Our repertoire includes all verses of Frosty the Snowman, Kenny Loggins’ “Christopher Robin”, and various theme songs: Veggie Tales, Larry Boy, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train to name a few. We also sing our nightly prayers. My son can also sing “Mairzy Dotes”, a song from the 40s that my Mom sang to my brother and me because she didn’t know any children’s songs. I’ve passed that one on, so your girls will likely sing Motown to their kids.