Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Playroom Clean-up

I can always tell when the girls have outgrown their toys. They start fighting more and whining more. Last week I heard "there's nothing to play with." I thought, "really, I can make that happen." And then I decided it was time to clean out some toys and introduce some new ones.

Each holiday I put away a few toys. When they grow bored with one, I'll switch it out for another one. Since Christmas is coming, I purged all the toys they've outgrown, broken, etc. Ten brown, paper grocery bags later, the room was much cleaner. The grocery bags went to a local resale shop. The rest went in the garbage.

The girls seem much happier with less stuff. I'm happier that the room seems a bit neater. And, neither girl seems to notice that Mom purged their stuff.

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Anonymous said...

We keep a box in the basement for toys outgrown and talk about how we'll take them to donate (recycle) so other kids can use them. We drop off donations every few months which models 'giving to others'.