Friday, September 7, 2007

Missing Miss Joan

The girls love their Kindermusik teacher, Miss Joan. We've been part of her class for more than two years now. I credit her with helping their language development. (And, with teaching me the words all the children's songs I could hum, but never sing because I forgot the lyrics.) They wanted to sing with her so much that they started talking in real, full sentences at a very early age. I always appreciated that Joan saw the girls as two individuals who share a birthday, not just twins. She encouraged them to work up to their potential. Joan & I just realized that the girls new three-day-a-week preschool schedule means they won't be able to take her class this Fall! If you have a Kindermusik instructor near you, call for the free class opportunity. I don't know if Kindermusik will help them ace the ACT, but I do know it helped them navigate language development and coordination. Oh, the growing up transitions are hard, even at this age.

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Anonymous said...

My son takes music class at the Y. He dances every time he hears music now -- even in church.