Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's Twins

I just finished reading a great book by Susan Heim: It's Twins!. If you have twins or know someone expecting twins, this is a must-read book. My favorite line is in the introduction where Susan says that only parents to twins really know what it's like to have twins. It's so incredibly true. Sometimes I walk up to strangers with infant twins and say, "It gets better." Many times the parents start asking a dozen questions at once because they don't know anyone else with twins. It's Twins! is like having hundreds of friends to share your story with, and each one is saying "You are not alone."

The book is broken into age-related sections, so the advice is relevant and interesting. You can read it to learn about your twins' current stage -- or if you are really brave, read ahead to see what is next. I didn't always agree with the advice, but it is interesting to learn how other people handle the uniqueness of raising twins. Sometimes I laughed because the stories sounded so familiar. I almost cried while reading the story "Get a Good (Padded) Bra." I spend a lot of time being elbowed, poked, etc. I laughed so hard my husband thought I was crazy.

The "Intriguing Twins" stories featured people whose names you might recognize. While the stories were interesting, all I kept wondering was how their parents survived before disposable diapers, instant formula, and exersaucers. It's hard enough to raise twins with all our modern conveniences. I couldn't imagine doing it without a Target nearby!

No matter what stage your twins are in, be sure to pick up It's Twins!. It is a book you'll refer to over and over again.

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