Saturday, September 15, 2007

Four Already?

Four years ago today we raced to the hospital because the twins were coming. We though we were having two girls, but until they were born, we weren't certain. The ultrasound techs always said, "Twin A is a girl. Twin B...well that baby is a bit more shy. What did they tell you last time? Girl? Yeah, Twin B could be a girl." We sat through a very girly baby shower thinking, "If Twin B is a boy, we're in trouble." Happily both twins were girls, so we didn't end up with a baby boy in pink.

When we saw them in the nursery for the first time, we were stunned. When you are expecting twins, you get the concept that there are two babies. When you see them for the first time, it's overwhelming and frightening. The nurse asked their names. I asked which one was born first. We named them alphabetically, according to who was born first. She stared at us. She asked if we wanted to think about it and decide which names "fit" which baby. I said, "They are an hour old, they look like babies. They need names before we'll figure out their personalities, so we'll stick with our first thought."

Oh, how wrong I was. We figured out their personalities the first night. One girl cried just to be held. She'd cry. I'd pick her up. She'd fall asleep in my arms. I'd put her down. She'd cry again. She just wanted to know we were there for her. The other girl loved to snuggle in and sleep on your shoulder. It was heaven to sleep with her in a chair for a while. We always used it to sneak in a little nap of our own. "Oh, I cannot move now. The baby is sleeping."

At first I didn't think we'd all survive. One of the girls needed a bottle every two hours, 24-hours a day. Luckily we had a lot of help or I don't think we would have survived.

Now I just look at them and say, "How can you be 4 already?"

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