Friday, September 21, 2007

Clothing Count

A friend and I talked about switching from summer to fall clothes yesterday. I told her I needed to pick up a few more long sleeves shirts and pants for the girls as I only had about 15 of each. She said, "With 15 I wouldn't have to wash clothes for at least a week." This might be true for a singleton parent, but with twins, the math is different. My magic number is 21.

Our two girls still (thankfully) wear the same size. The blonde twin is adorable, but she's a mess. Have you seen the commercial for the new movie "Good Luck Chuck?" The woman keeps dropping things, tripping, spilling, etc. That is the blonde one's day, on a preschool level. It takes at least two shirts to get her through a regular day. The brunette twin can usually make it through the day with just one shirt. This puts us at three shirts a day, and 3x7=21.

I always have to change their clothes after school. Their nature-based farm preschool spends some time outside every day -- either in the barns or in the woods. It's one of the reasons we send them to the school. This means, though, three days a week during the school year they each wear two complete outfits.

With 21 shirts and bottoms (pant or skirts), I can make it through most of a week without doing any laundry. Of course, it's most of the week -- not the entire week.

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