Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Circus Memories

Most people think girls are all about princess dolls and hair ribbons. Our girls are princess obsessed, but they are also obsessed with another topic: body functions. Farts, burps, pee, poopies, and any other bodily function is an endless source of fascination. We had to establish new rules to accommodate this fascination. First, no talking about farts, burps, pee or poopies at the dinner table. Second, no talking about farts, burps, pee or poopies in public.

You can only imagine their delight when the circus elephant decided to dump a huge load in the center ring during a performance yesterday. Forget the clowns, the trained dogs, the camel, the high wire act, the acrobats. Near the performance's end, one of the elephants decided nature was calling, and let out a waterfall and dumped a lot of manure. It was the highlight of the show for the girls and their father. All the girls talk about is how the "elephant pooed while the woman with the red feather hair was riding on top." It evokes loud, giggly laughter every time.

No doubt about it. They are three-years-old.

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