Saturday, September 29, 2007

Aha Preschool Moment

I now understand why teachers both love and dread parents. Even though our girls are only in preschool, it's crystal clear to me now. Yesterday was one of my favorite events at the preschool -- the muddy, murky creek walk. Now, you have to understand that the school was not subtle about what was required for this event.

We received two or three notes in the kids' backpacks and several emails. We were told to dress the kids in old clothing you wouldn't mind getting trashed. And, we were told to make sure the kids had a complete change of clothing in their backpacks. (Muddy, murky creek walk = kids getting wet and dirty, right down to their underwear) Even with all the information, several kids came to school in very nice clothing. Some kids came to school without a change of clothes for after the creek walk.

Several parents volunteering arrived in cute outfits and gym shoes. Boots? One said, "Oh, we're going in the creek?" It seemed obvious to me that going on a creek walk meant we're going in the creek, but apparently others did not make that connection. I was especially shocked because nearly everyone involved was in the program last year. It's not like this was a new activity. The teachers were incredibly patient and kind. The creek walk was fun. The kids got really wet and muddy. I got wet and muddy. And, I now have a new appreciation for how hard it is to deal with well-meaning parents.

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