Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wonderful Wonder Time

If you haven't read a new magazine called "Wonder Time," now is the time to pick up a copy. The tag line is "celebrate your child's love of learning," but don't let that turn you off. The magazine does celebrate your child's love of learning, but in a fun and interesting way. It's not a dry, academic journal. It's a great read filled with interesting articles that make you laugh and think. It has great sections that help you "teach your child to" do something...tell a scary story, ride a bike, etc. In the current issue, the article "When the Bad Boy Becomes the Good Dad" will make you laugh until you cry. Another article this month talks about little white lies we all tell our children. You'll probably recognize some of these:

"The car can't start if your seat belt isn't buckled."

"Daddy and I were doing a really special hug."

"I don't know where that talking toy went."

"It's not a toy store. It's s toy museum."

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Julie K said...

I'll look for that one (as if I don't have enough magazines in my house)... a new magazine we like in our house is "National Geographic Little Kids". Small in size (easy for little ones to hold), colorful and great pictures (from NG, of course!). Includes trading cards of different animals, games, a recipe and a science experiment to perform. A great read to do with a kid.