Friday, August 17, 2007

When Does Sleep Come?

When the girls were infants, we were out of our minds happy when we slept for three or four consecutive hours. With one infant sleep is precious. With two, it is non-existent. One of the girls needed a bottle every two hours, 24-hours a day. Now that they are older, we're supposed to be getting more sleep. The problem is, one of the girls wakes up two or three times a night with what the doctor diagnosed as night terrors. She'll sleep soundly for a few nights, then wake up several times a night for the next few nights. Those nights when she wakes up are hard. She's not really awake as she cries. We have to wake her up before she'll stop and go back to sleep. The next day we're tired. By the second or third night, we're zombies. What's so crazy about this is that her sister sleeps in the same room and NEVER wakes up. She just sleeps like a doll through the entire episode.


ntropy said...

Hey, you should be asking the kid that sleeps through the night for pointers. How DO they DO that?

One recent stormy night, our smoke detector decided to tell us about its low battery. Our lo-battery warning can be heard by deaf moles tunneling in the arctic circle. The low battery alarm scared the 2 dogs who were edgy because of the thunder anyway and they begin freaking out in ways that make me think they may need long term therapy. DD slept through the alarm and the 3 ring circus that followed. Dh and I were yelling at each other because we couldn't find a *&@##! 9 volt battery anywhere in the house, dogs were tearing through the house looking for cover, lightening hit a neighbor's tree. DH, the dogs and I all received such an adrenaline rush we were up the rest of the evening watching bad cable infomercials. Incidentally, bad cable infomercials do not make you sleepy, they just makes you start wondering why you pay to watch someone trying to sell you samari swords.

Bonnie said...


I think this is fun to read. I think this will go well for you.


Kathy said...

Having a 5-month old, I can reflect on sleepness nights. Cooper has been sleeping thru the night for 2 months so it was not long ago that I woke every 2 hours to feed or change. Although not so long ago, it seems like an eternity since those nights have passed.