Thursday, August 30, 2007

Local Store Love

After eight national chain stores, we almost gave up trying to find age-appropriate shoes for one of our nearly 4-year-old twin daughters. She moved into a size 12 shoe, which puts her out of the cute, toddler Mary Jane shoes and into the big girl shoes (sizes 12 - 3). If you haven't looked at children's shoes in a while, big girl shoes this season are either clogs with fur trim or shoes with 2-inch stacked heels. Neither one seemed appropriate for preschool. We found a lovely, local independent shoe store in a neighboring suburb that was like shoe heaven. Chrisella's, located in LaGrange, is filled with adorable, appropriate, quality children's shoes. The store staff treated us like family. We walked in, found several cute size 12 options, tried on the favorite, and bought it. The entire transaction was charming and stress-free. We will definitely be back. If you have a local store you want to support, show a little local love by listing it with This month's Real Simple led me to this site, which helps people find local retailers for all their shopping needs.


ntropy said...

You have hit on 2 big issues in our house in one post. Girls clothes that make them look like they are going to be dressed for a fun night in the red-light district and supporting local businesses. There are certain stores that we will not even go into because P, the school principal or I find the clothes too objectionable. And because we used to be small business owners ourselves we try to spend our money with the little guys. P loves to shop at small local establishments.

CT said...

Since I have a boy I had not paid attention to the little girl clothes, but I must say that much of the size 6x and larger stuff in the department stores is scary. How many pairs of lepoard print spandex pants does anyone need? And why do Bratz Magic Genie holiday costumes even come in such small sizes?