Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Recall Worries Here

One of the advantages of having the youngest grandchildren on both sides of the family is everyone passes down their toys to our girls. We are also lucky enough to have friends who regularly clean out their toy boxes and give the girls the toys their children have outgrown. When all the toy recalls started coming out, we didn't even look in the mess we call the playroom. I know we don't own any of the recalled toys. To own one of those toys means that we actually purchased a new toy in the past year or so. You'd think that as the Mom of three-year-old twins, I'd be a regular at Toys-R-Us or at least the Target toy section. I'm happy to say that I haven't been in Toys-R-Us in years. The only time I see the Target toy section is when I need a present. Lest you think our girls might be missing out, they have a wonderful selection of dolls, games, puzzles, books, dress-up outfits, musical instruments, and more. Most preschools do not have such a varied selection. There is so much stuff that we surrendered our former family room to their growing collection. What used to house our TV, now hosts daily tea parties. We took over the formerly formal living room for our grown-up space. I worry about them having too much stuff, but I never worry about recalls. We tell everyone we're being eco-friendly and embracing recycled toys. The truth is we're just lucky to have such generous friends and family members.

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